Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Great Class

This is a bitter sweet ending!

At times, I thought I was going to pull my hair out while working on the Habitat Website. Other times, I was so excited to be doing something that would actually better the community. Usually in classes, projects are assigned that do not do anything at all for the well being of the community. This was different. I really feel like I had to opportunity to help with something that is very important. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

With that said, in order to survive this class the most important thing is passion towards people. Even though I typically do not like my English classes, Mrs. Roger's enthusiasm and passion really shows through and has a wonderful impact on her students. At times, you may feel very overwhelmed, but just push through and you will be thankful in the end. Make sure to do all your blog topics! They are really hard to remember, but go ahead and write them in your agenda so that you never forget! Also, go to class. Whenever I would miss a class, I would feel completely lost. This is not a class where you can miss and still understand what is going on. I am very confident that you will really enjoy this class! Good Luck!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Employers Study Applicant's Personalities

It is a very hard decision to make when determining if you are going to hire someone or not. There is a lot of stress put on employers because they do not want to hire the wrong person, but sometimes there is a great need for workers that it is hard to say no. Also, how do you know if the person is going to fit into the company?

After reading this article, I could not help but think about a boy that lived across the street from me growing up. He was incredibly intelligent, but had no people skills. Throughout high school, he never really got along with anybody and could not work with others at all. Our senior year, he was voted "most likely to succeed" because he was so smart. The only thing that I could think about was the fact that yes he was smart, but he could not work well with others. This is a major factor when it comes to working in the real world. Even though he was so intelligent, he did not have to people skills to bring that intelligence to the table in a working setting.

Therefore, I think that it is very important for employers to hire a wide variety of people. There is a place for everyone, but maybe not at their company. Because there is such a shortage of workers, it may be hard to turn people down, but sometimes it might be the right thing to do in order to keep company morale high. It is very critical to have a combination of personalities that will be able to work well together.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dual Coding Theory

Learning about the Dual Coding Theory this past week has been very interesting. I have never taken and sort of marketing class, and therefore was unfamiliar with this theory. Even though it completely makes sense, I had never thought about the fact that putting words and text in an ad, would give the audience a deeper association.

After looking at some ads around Clemson, I realized that almost everything that I saw contained pictures to capture the reader's attention and then text to deliver the important information. A lot of the pictures were intended to evoke emotion in the audience. This is a very good tactic because if the reader has something to tie the information to, it will stick for a longer amount of time. Also delivering text in creative ways will help distinguish some ads from others.

One aspect of the dual coding theory that was very intriguing to me was the fact that if you have an experience to relate the information to, it will make a more lasting impression. Normally, when I read advertisements, I read them really fast and then never think about them again. Some things that would stick in my head would not necessarily stick in other peoples heads. This opens another aspect of advertising. It is very important to research your intended audience and see what they would most likely have in common. This way, you audience would have a greater chance in retaining the memory and therefore remembering your advertisement.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Free Topic

This week has been a really relaxing week for me. I really enjoyed some of the time off. I also had a great weekend.

Saturday, I took the practice exam for Dental School. I thought that it was going to be hard, but I did not expect it to be impossible. It defiantly was very close to impossible. I am very glad that I took it because it gave me an idea of what to expect when I take it for real, it was just a little discouraging knowing that it is going to be that hard. One thing that I think will help is taking organic chemistry. I have not taken that class yet, so once I take it, my grade will improve. Also, I know now that I have to study and work very hard for my goal. I have never wanted anything more my whole life and I am going to work as hard as I can to achieve my goal.

I hope you are having a great week! See you tomorrow

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Going into the interview, I had the normal nervousness running throughout my body. I was very eager to get my interview over with because I was insecure about what you were going to ask and how I would respond. As I sat there for a few minutes, I noticed that I was getting much more calm and confortable about speaking. I am not sure if this was because you were very warm and welcoming to my answers of if it was because I am getting used to doing interviews and became more confident.

After doing a lot of research about Dental School I knew that I would encounter an interview at some point. Previously I had thought about the things that I woud say, but it is a totally different sensation actually saying it to someone else. It really gave me a lot of encouragement knowing that I was able to answer the questions and not stumble over my words. Also it confirmed the fact in my head about why I want to help people and go to Dental School. I really enjoyed this assignment and feel that it helped me out a ton when it comes to preparing for interviews. I was so excited when I left and felt that I would be able to walk into Dental School right then and there and do my interview with great pride!


One of the presentations that I enjoyed the most was Colin's on Hybrid Cars. I had heard a lot of things about Hybrid Cars, but a lot of them were rumors as to why they were good or bad. For me, Colin's presentation cleared up a lot of the confusion as to why Hybrid cars are good for the environment. Also, he addressed many of the facts and therefore gave me a clear understanding of Hybrid vechicles. I really enjoyed his presentation and now I am eager to do more research on this type of fuel.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Free Write

This week has been a really tough week for me, starting with the weekend. Overall, the weekend has not been very good and now I am going into a week with so much work to do. I have a project due Wednesday and two tests Thursday. I am feeling more pressure than ever because I am determined to get into Dental School, meaning that I have to maintain my grades. I am just really ready for this week to be over with and be able to relax over fall break. I am also really glad I do not have any classes Friday so that I can go home a day early and catch up on sleep. Thanks!